World War II ETHS Teaching Materials

  ETHS Teaching Materials:  ETHS Teaching Materials are student-friendly essays and classroom activities developed by ETHS staff.  The essays and activities are designed based on the Tennessee Social Studies Standards. The downloadable teacher packets also include primary sources and images when available.

Camp Forrest


Standards: U.S. 68 

Key Words:  Camp Forrest. Prisoners of War

Cordell Hull


Standard: U. S. 72

Key Words: Cordell Hull, United Nations, Nobel Peace Prize

Cornelia Fort and the Changing Roles of Women during World War II

WORD        PDF

Standards: 5.56, U.S. 64

Key Words: Cornelia Fort, Pearl Harbor, Women Air Service Pilots (WASPS), Avco, Rosie the Riveter, jobs for women

Oak Ridge and the Manhattan Project


Standards: 5.59, U.S. 68

Key Words: Oak Ridge, Clinton Engineering Works, Manhattan Project, Atomic bomb