Coming Soon

Sept. 19--Teaching with Primary Sources, World History (9:00-3:00, East Tennessee History Center)

Sept. 23--National History Day Intro Workshop (4:00-6:30, East Tennessee History Center)

Oct. 10--Teachign with Primary Sources, Early Republic (9:00-3:00, East Tennessee History Center)

Nov. 21--Teaching with Primary Sources, World War I (9:00-3:00, East Tennessee History Center)

Dec. 5--Teacing with Primary Sources, Early Tennessee History (9:00-3:00, East Tennessee History Center)

Register for any of the above by emailing Lisa Oakley at or call 865-215-8828.


Welcome Tennessee Teachers and Students!

Welcome Tennessee teachers and students to the East Tennessee Historical Society's (ETHS) revised education resource website for teaching American, Tennessee, and East Tennessee History.  All three areas of history are listed because this site contains valuable content and primary/secondary sources to address just about any American history topic. Future additions and revisions to the site will feature ties to the Tennessee and East Tennessee strands in the curriculum.

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