ETHS Teaching Materials:  ETHS Teaching Materials are student-friendly essays and classroom activities developed by ETHS staff.  The essays and activities are designed based on the Tennessee Social Studies Standards. The downloadable teacher packets also include primary sources and images when available.

Elihi Embree Teacher Packet 

WORD            PDF

Standards: 4.60, 8.66

Key Words: Elihu Embree, The Emancipator, abolition, manumission

Francis Wright and Nashoba and Virginia Hill and Free Hill Teacher Packet 

WORD            PDF

Standards: 4.60, 8.66

Key Words: Francis Wright, Nashoba, Virginia Hill, Free Hill, abolition

Houston, Crockett and the War for Texas' Independance Teacher Packet

WORD          PDF

Standards: 4.51, 4.62, 8.59

Key Words: Sam Houston, Davy Crockett, Texas, Alamo, San Jacinto

Indian Removal and the Trail of Tears Teacher Packet

WORD         PDF

Standards: 4.56, 8.57

Key Words: John Ross. Major Ridge, Andrew Jackson, Worchester v. Georgia, Trail of Tears

James K. Polk Teacher Packet

WORD        PDF

Standards: 4.63, 8.61

Key Words: James K. Polk, dark horse candidate, Oregon, Texas, Manifest Destiny, Mexican War

John Ross Teacher Packet

WORD        PDF

Standards: 4.56

Key Words: John Ross, Principal Chief, Indian Removal, Trail of Tears

Memphis as the Cotton Capital of the South Teacher Packet

WORD        PDF

Standards: 8.52

Key Words: Memphis, cotton, Mississippi River

New Madrid Earthquake Teacher Packet

WORD       PDF

Standards: 4.52, 8.54

Key Words:  New Madrid, Reelfoot Lake, Eliza Bryan

Sequoyah Teacher Packet

WORD         PDF

Standards: 4.54, 8.56

Key Words: Sequoyah, syllabary, Cherokee Phoenix, talking leaves